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How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

At our central Oklahoma City dentist office for kids, our team at Shepherd Mall Family Dentistry understands that new parents can have a lot of questions about the best practices for protecting their child’s oral health. There are a number of problems that can negatively impact a child’s oral health from a young age that include tongue thrusting,… Continue Reading

Gum Disease Increases the Risk of RA

To ensure a lifetime of quality oral and overall health, you need make seeing the best dentist in OKC a top priority. Our oral and overall health are linked in ways you might not necessarily expect. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can be an especially devastating form of the disease. While the more common form of the… Continue Reading

Dental Care Still Matters for Seniors

As your dentist in uptown OKC, our team at Shepherd Mall Family Dentistry understands the impact poor oral health can have on our patients’ overall health, especially for seniors. Millions of adults in the U.S. live with untreated tooth decay, oral pain, gum disease, and tooth loss due to insufficient or non-existing dental care. A… Continue Reading

E-Cigarette Use A Gateway For Teens

As patients of central Oklahoma City dentist Dr. David Allen know, smoking ranks as the most dangerous habit you can have when it comes to your oral health. While the number of smokers as a whole has declined over the last couple of decades, the latest trend of smoking e-cigarettes has seen a significant increase in… Continue Reading

The Importance Of Quality Oral Health

As your family dentist in OKC, our staff at Shepherd Mall Family Dentistry remains committed to providing you with the tools and information needed to enjoy a lifetime of not only healthy teeth and gums, but a healthy body as well. In recent years, a growing amount of research has found compelling evidence that links… Continue Reading

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